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Ecotourism is a form of tourism that appeals to ecologically and socially conscious individuals by  learning new ways to live on the planet.


Ecotourism has 4 elements: a provider, a setting, an experience, and an ecotourist

Ecotourism typically is provided by a network of businesses that, together, offer the different products and services needed by the ecotourist. This includes food services and food supplies, sports and outfitting equipment and supplies, lodging, and guide services


Ecotourism activities have common characteristics such as

  • nature-based tourism,
  • appreciation of nature as the primary motive to participate,
  • fostering conservation of the natural resource base on which it depends (which translates into protecting and minimizing negative impacts on the environment),
  • providing benefits to local hosts (which translates into economic opportunities),
  • respect for local culture and minimizing social impacts, and
  • promoting environmental education to visitors.


In order to promote Ecotourism, you need the following:

  • Package tours – Quality reasonably priced tours emphasizing scenery and clean green image, friendly population, culture, history etc…
  • Promote the destination country: Build up an attractive and interesting website that can involve creating a one stop shop web portal for ecotourism holidays, carbon offset, and travelers’ philanthropy and marketing holiday packages
  • Advertising: Radio, TV, Travel Industry Magazine as Travel weekly, JAXFAX, Global traveler etc… as well as Eco clean environment oriented magazines
  • Improved public facilities
  • Either join or put banners in related websites like:

  • Join related organizations as “International Ecotourism Society (TIES)”, USTOA etc…
  • Join efforts with the respective tourist board office in your city
  • Join efforts with the airlines traveling to your destination
  • Organize workshops and educational seminars
  • Participate with a booth in related conferences, conventions and tradeshows.
  • Promote word of mouth communications in the industry
  • Offer FAM trips specially to Corporate travel Managers to promote Ecotourism as incentive travel to build up awareness
  • Use Marketing materials: Promotional brochures, travel guides, the Web, Natural resources maps, press releases etc…


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