Customer Experience Management

Customer experience Management (CEM) is adopted by many organizations nowadays involving the customer to brand and personalize their Marketing efforts/ messages by creating a dialogue with the customer to analyse their expectations, needs, and wants.

Customer Experience: is the sum of all experiences a customer has with an organization/ their goods or services, over the time of their relationship. A Customer experience can be either Positive or Negative, It can also be used to mean an individual experience over one transaction. 

A Positive customer experience is achieved if the customers personal needs were met while being  treated with care. A Negative one is just the opposite, then the customer will never give a second chance.

An organization’s ability to deliver a Positive experience will keep custonmers coming back, developping loyalty to the organization and its products hence increasing their spending, it sets itself apart in the eyes of customers as it meets their wants and needs.  

Building Positive Customer Experience is a process that involves brand management, customer service, strategy, integration of technology, training of the employees and applying the proper Marketing Mix.


Unfortunately, Negative experiences outnumber Positive ones approximately in a ratio of roughly two to one. Memorable Positive service experiences are often attributed to Initiative taken by individual employees to satisfy the customer.  Negative service experiences were also attributed to individual employees attitudes like ignoring the customers, making them feel unimportant, argued with fellow employees or had a rude demeanor, but they still gave the employees the benefit of the doubt blaming the culture of the organization:


Every experience is very personal, same experience for two people can generate two different reactions, even the same person experience can be good at one point of time and bad at another one.


Human Interaction regulates whether the customer experience has been good or bad, web interactions are still confusing and do not offer a clear reaction.  Automated systems (IVR) leave the customers a feeling of not being totally fulfilled even if their experience was flawless


“Good enough” experience is not acceptable anymore for today’s customer, they EXPECT excellent Customer experience and are willing to pay for it.  They already know (KNOWLEDGE) what they want, what they need and how, even before engaging in the transaction.  CONNECT with the seller is last on their list for their experience.  When offered products of lesser quality, Customer expects deep discounts or added-values

It is very important to define how the customers define customer experience as for some it is the price versus quality, human interaction, shopping experience, customer service, help center, how to use it, web navigation etc…


Here are some points to better the Customer Experience

1.      Segmenting the Experience design to focus on certain targets with same conditions/ needs/ wants

2.      Target the correct segments to optimize their experience

3.      Exceed the customer expectations to avoid ripple effects

4.      Surveys have to be closely monitored & Feedbacks analyzed to know the customer priorities, spending habits, decisions

5.      Allow the front-line employees to take decisions to accommodate the customers needs on the spot

6.      Reward the employees that are recommended for best customer service

7.      Train employees properly and regularly

8.      Let employees know what is accepted and what is not accepted as good behavior in treating the customers.

9.      Communicate very clearly the Corporate mission, goal and culture

10.   Be real, customers can sense if Customer experience is not a priority for the company

11.   Do not let the customer pay for poor Corporate communications, where every department carry their own policy

12.   Think as if you were the customer: Help them buy a product, do not sell them one

13.   Claim responsibility for the products, do not let the customer jump through loops for customer service

  1. Do not intimidate the customer with technical mumbo-jumbo to facilitate his experience


Keep tabs on the progress of the Customer Experience to stay in the game.


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