I think I can

Nothing stays the same, sometimes things are great, sometimes they are bad.  Everything happens for a reason a good one even if we fail to see it at the time.

In time of crisis we need to remain positive by believing and having faith that it will get better. I always see a silver lining around clouds, my glass is always 75% full, call me hopeless optimist or may be that is my libra nature.

The loss of hope can prove disastrous to our survival efforts, so staying POSITIVE is crucial in time of crisis, and I know it is easier said than done but we need to train our brains and minds to shift from negative to positive as this is the only way to survive.  We need to keep ourselves busy. Keeping our mind on things that need to be done keeps our mind off of the crisis and the feelings of desperation and weakness.  Our greatest asset for maintaining your spirit is optimism.

Looking at the bright side of things, no matter how grim the situation, can keep us from cracking versus a bad attitude, at least it will still stop us from the dangers of thinking negatively. Think on how we can improve our situation, focus on how to deal with it to find a way out. Avoid panicking as panic will never let us think clear.  Seek advice, help from friends, pastors, professionals, reach out sometimes just talking relieves a lot of pressure in a crisis.  Believe in yourself that you will make it, whatever doesn’t break us, makes us.  Remember there are people that are fightng literally for their lives now being diagnosed with terminal illnesses who is in better position?

Right now with the weak economy a lot of people are loosing their jobs, which is very sad, so the tendency will be to despair and get down, try to think about it this way, may be the job you had was not what you wanted for yourself, may be you were not paid what you deserved.  While you have sometimes to think on what you really want to do, the unemployment checks can help you survive for a while, meanwhile dedicate at least a couple of hours everyday to look for a job, replenish your resume and cover letter, network, network and network with all your connections let them know that you are available.  Start a blog or a website to show your skills, volunteer your time, join non profit organizations to show on your resume it adds to your skills.  Don’t stand still keep moving and things will turn around I promise you.

It’s at times like these that winners and leaders show their spirit, showing determination, positivity and enthusiasm, as well as practical common sense. After all, if we can keep a tight hold for what remains of the bumpy economic ride, there will be better times ahead!

Have faith that things will turn around to the better, after the darkness of the night, the sun always comes out either we want it or not I am saying that from personal experience I have had so many experiences in my life that could have broken me but I had decided a long time ago I am not a “Why me” person, I am not a victim and I am always in control of my life (Not my death) Every single situation made me stronger to meet the next one meanwhile I had a lot of positive great experiences that I kept as memories from which I drew strength when I was down.

Believe it will get better, when we go really down and hit the bottom, the only way then is up.


Sahar Andrade


One thought on “THINK LIKE A WINNER

  1. Sahar:

    I couldn’t agree more with your comments about Judge Sotomayor and it is way past time that the American public stopped all of its nonsense with hate and prejudice.
    People should be accepted for who they are, what they are, and even better if they contribute to society rather than allow negativity to influence them.
    My own family is made up of relatives from different religions (I never liked that word; it is destructive), creeds, colors, backgrounds in general and we are always there to support each other. If the world could follow the example of my family, it would be a far more interesting and positive place.
    Your blog is outstanding! Keep up the good work!
    Only the best to you,
    Leslie Sue Partington

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