Diversity, Acceptance & Sotomayor


When Obama announced his nomination for Supreme Court “Judge Sonia Sotomayor” I could not be happier, her education, credits, experience and strong character are all pluses for her.  Though but her first appointment was from George H.W. Bush in 1991.  Also noteworthy is that 7 current GOP Senators confirmed her appointment to the appellate bench in 1997, as well as Specter. If at least these 7 Senators don’t approve her this time around, I have to really pose the question what changed between now and then.

With the election of President Obama, we have stepped big towards diversity and acceptance of others.  Sotomayor will be the 3rd woman on the bench of the supreme court and the 1st supreme judge from a hispanic decent.  Well her tax records have been already checked so this is covered. 

What is really on my mind now is diversity and acceptance of other races, genders, ethnicities and believes.  We still suffer from prejudice so we need to work together to eradicate it. 

Communities should embrace their diverse society from a position of confidence, confidence that they would be dealt with fairly, rather than insecurity. We in the culturally diverse communities can have a massive impact on nurturing integration in choosing to actively embrace and welcome change and diversity.  We must have sensitivity and openness to others to contribute combating discrimination and building a multicultural society.

Diverse people have succeeded in building their lives, businesses, own homes and families in the communities where they live.  The Diverse workers emphasize the economic contribution throughout the country and the essential role, which they now play in the economy. Many of our employers now depend on migrant workers to fill labor and skills gaps.  Medical field professionals at hospitals and clinics helps avoiding misunderstandings that can cost lives.  To evaluate the effect of cultural diversity and integration on the economy, we should consider the following:

  • How does cultural diversity, or i.e. the individual characteristics, behavioral patterns and social networks of the different ethnic groups, affect their individual labor market performance, as well as productivity, innovation and growth in their industries
  • How is the impact of this diversity on economic performance mediated by laws and regulations

Since globalization is taking place worldwide these days, competitive pressures are rapidly increasing, Industries/ Companies that tolerate and deal well with diversity will have a huge competitive advantage. Economic environment today necessitates the ability to strategically find, motivate and deploy a diverse group of qualified people across different departments either through specialized skill-sets for specific functions or through a process of increasing responsibility for wide-ranging business operations, or sometimes both simultaneously, and lead through them.

 Globalization puts emphasis on how well communities/ organizations can deal with different cultures.   Requiring a person to be cross-culturally competitive and be able to navigate the complex nature of culture and understanding of businesses functioning in a global market with acceptance of multiple perspectives and tolerance of different ways of working in a collaborative and realistic understanding of the economical environment.

So now I am really curious will Sotomayor diversity will work for her or against her, I am also curious if she will be fought because she is a strong woman that goes tête à tête with her male peers, or because she is Hispanic.  I would say let us give her a fair chance to present her credits and not attack her based on comments taken out of context, or on her strength on the bench, or on her firmness that they try to call temper.  Let us let her present herself, let us accept and embrace her diversity that might add to the supreme court.

Sahar Andrade


Picture credits to Donna/ flickr


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