Diversity Equals Positive Work Environment

This is the sequel to my post the “6 Advantages of Workplace Diversity”
Diversity as a strategic AdvantageA 2010 survey by Gallup Management Journal found that 56 percent of the US workforce are “not-engaged,’ or sleepwalking through their workday, costing their organization money by putting in time without any passion or personal involvement. Fifteen (15) percent of the United States workforce is “actively disengaged,” where employees are unhappy and manifest their unhappiness not only by undermining the efforts of the engaged employees, but also by creating a hostile work environment that is toxic for all employees possibly leaing to workplace violence.

Gallup estimates the lost productivity of actively disengaged employees costs the US economy $450 to 550 BILLION annually.

In February 2010, the number of employees voluntarily quitting surpassed the number being fired or discharged, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The issue becomes how long an organization can afford to survive before dealing with the problem of actively disengaged and disgruntled employees. The solution is available for a fraction of the cost of the loss incurred by these organizations. The solution is fostering a positive work environment through diversity and inclusion, training, action plan, execution and follow-up. Creating an organizational culture where all employees feel valued and a vital part of the organization.

Positive work environment is created when the employees feel that they are part of a team working collectively with the senior management towards common goals, be part of decision making and collaborate towards the success of the organization.

Culture will eat strategy for lunch anytime of the day, so it becomes evident why a culture of respect and acknowledgment goes a long way.

The foundation of positive work environment lies on the commitment of every single person at the organization to engage with each other, manage diversity and inclusion, transparency, develop cross-cultural leadership skills, and being accountable for their individual actions, progress and goal achievements.

It is very simple Value your number one asset i.e. employees they will value back and will give you their heart and soul, as an organization and an employer you need to apply the Golden rule: “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself”, I would add treat others not only as you want to be treated but the way THEY want to be treated

The most successful workplaces are those in which everyone works well together to create a positive work environment by living the mission, vision and core values of the organization, in alignment with its culture of respecting the diverse talents, valuing and embracing the differences.

In a positive work environment teamwork is appreciated and builds on each others’ strengths and abilities; a strong belief that every single employee is unique and bring their own unique abilities and capabilities to the table and have the right to be treated with dignity and respect; Diversity & Inclusion are weaved through the threads of the organization’s culture where exclusive clubs and ISMs do not exist

Diversity starts at home.

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