Personal Branding for Job Search

On my second day of Christmas my true love gave to me …

This is the second post for job seekers, the first one about self branding.  If you ever wondered why you never heard back about a job you applied for that seemed a perfect fit, then this is what you need to start

Job Search

with: Position yourself, get the attention of the hiring managers simply by looking at the world from their perspective, i.e. clarifying that you know, what exactly the company is looking for, echoing with the hiring manager criteria m

aking them believe that you have something valuable to offer, communicate potential.


A positioning statement is one that separates and differentiates a product (meaning YOU) from all competing products in such a way that it becomes the top choice of consumers (meaning employers).


A personal positioning statement should identify the one or two things that make the job-seeker unique and valuable to the employer.

 A positioning statement is also called a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) which we all (especially job seekers) need to develop to communicate our brand, and develop “Brand Equity” & “Brand Image” exactly as the big corporations do.


Now the question that presents itself is: “How do I brand myself, or how do I find my brand?”


The “My brand” exercise starts by thinking about 3 things you are very passionate about (loving chocolate is not one of them) and 3
It is a process that has 4 steps: DCCMthings other people think you excel at.

  • Discover: What is your brand (As described above)
  • Create: your USP
  • Communicate: Promote your USP
  • Maintain: keep adding new content and manage your brand reputation


Your USP should be one concise sentence that best describes you.  For example a USP for a Marketing expert would be:  “I am an experienced Marketing expert strong in creating marketing campaigns and developing new business that have resulted in additional revenues of over $ 2.5M for my last company during the last 5 years.”

This sentence demonstrated who you are, your biggest strength and how you benefited your company.

Next step is promoting your brand – Marketing promotion is about using persuasive communications in describing your brand to a specific market. For job-seekers, marketing promotion tools can include:

  • Social media networks
  • Personal Website
  • Blogs and white papers
  • Cover letter
  • s and resumes
  • Elevator speeches
  • Portfolio


Some ideas to help you promote your brand:

  • Write articles in your field for online publication.  You can start your own blog or be a blogger for an established blog to get already existing recognition like “technorati”, or use ezine to publish your articles.  There are free and paid blog platforms the most popular are wordpress, blogger and Tumblr
  • Become an expert. If you do not have the time to write entire articles, focus your efforts on being quoted as an expert in your field.  For example many bloggers, writers and journalists ask questions on Q&A to add comments to their publications
  • Develop a marketing Website for yourself — focused around your career branding statement and including all or parts of an online portfolio.
  • Join and make helpful contributions to online discussion groups in your profession. LinkedIn is a great tool (A post will discuss LinkedIn), Facebook or Google groups, just do not overextend yourself, and focus on the groups that have your audience.


Nowadays recruiters and hiring managers research your digital footprint online, if you are not in Google you do not exist; and your online presence better be credible highlighting your achievements.

Recruiters and employers are using the results of a search on your name to help determine whether you are a viable candidate for the position you are seeking.


You need to make it easy for employers to find you online, even if you are a passive job seeker.  Make your information (resume, skills, experience, etc.) easily findable when companies are looking for candidates; so you show up in the search results generated by employers who may have a job that’s a good fit, add specific information regarding your credentials and qualifications


Employers are seeking specialists in this tough economic market. Determining your specific expertise or niche is very important to establishing a strong brand. Many job seekers shy away from “declaring a major” in their field but that strategy is the complete opposite of what is needed. Strongly branded professionals have a specific area of expertise and they leverage that expertise across a broad market.

As a job seeker, you need to decide your own niche and push hard in that direction.  Establish who you are as education, expertise, training, role, situation, job title, projects etc…; mention your positive points that will help you reach your goals; your strength; your skills: as languages, time management, planning, project management, efficiency, great customer service, dealing with difficult customers and excelling; areas of expertise: e.g.: Marketing professional with in depth knowledge of social media marketing; personal traits: What stands out about you e.g.: Project manager always finished projects ahead of time while cutting expenses; and finally back up your claims: have testimonials or references

To start gathering information about yourself to showcase your brand: Ask yourself:

  • What are the projects I am mostly proud of and why?
  • Did I ever save money to an employer or increased revenues?
  • Did I add a new process or ameliorated an existing one in a previous job?
  • Any difficult situation I turned around?
  • What are my specific strength?
  • What awards did I get and most importantly explain why did I receive them?
  • What are my best achievements?
  • What is it that I want and NOT what I think you can get?


Best of luck, keep reading the posts till Christmas


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