7 Tips for Job Seekers- Part 1

This  is the sixth post of Christmas for job seekers, offering job tips for job seekers.  The previous posts discussed Finding a job through Personal branding for job seekersusing  personal branding  for job search , using LinkedIn for job search,  networking for job seekers, and resume for job seekers.

On my sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Tips for job seekersJob searching is a job on its own, especially with the current state of the economy where there are not any guarantees on how long the job hunt will take.  I have friends and clients that found jobs within 45 to 60 days and some that have been out of a job for more than six month to a year.

One thing for sure is that to find a job you need to have total commitment that involves energy, hopes, time, emotions and most of all, planning a strategy.

Job seeking is exhausting regardless, but the roller coaster ride of ups and downs – of hopes and despair is better managed with a strategy.  To be effective, treat your job hunt as a project that require developing, planning and implementing a job search strategy to avoid unnecessary waste of time, panic and pressure.

The philosophy of the “7 habits of highly effective people” by Steven Covey can be used as a general road map for a strategy.  If you haven’t read the book it is a great investment to make.

Being effective is learning to do things “which produce the desired result”.  If you want to be successful in achieving your goals of finding a job, then being effective is consistently doing the things that will bring about the results that you are after.

Covey discusses basic principles of effectiveness that can actually be found in each one of us and can be easily implemented if these habits (which I will call TIPS) can be used as steps of a plan applied every single day till it becomes a way of life even after a job is found.

Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.” Mahatma Gandhi

 Tip 1 – Be Proactive

You are not captive of your past or your present conditions.  What it really means is to focus our efforts and attention on the long-term and to think in terms of the long-term consequences of our actions.

Reactive people (opposite of proactive) are those who actually believe that they have no control on what happens and they can’t change the fact of not having a job as the whole country is in bad shape.  Whatever they believe in becomes the truth in their hearts and minds.  When they believe that they can’t do anything about finding a job then they simply will not actively hunt for a job as they believe that there is nothing they can do.

Proactive people, on the other hand, simply will not accept status quo, or will not accept that there is nothing that can be done about not working, they believe that there are always choices and decisions that we can make or take, proactive people can and do affect the future. Their thought patterns are based on the fact that we might have no control over what life throws at us but we always have a choice about how we are to respond.  They think of ways either to increase their expertise or gain more knowledge while looking for a job to better their resume and avoid gaps in their resumes so they would enroll in new courses to gain new skills or volunteer for jobs that can increase their expertise

Having a particular attitude of mind can make a huge and positive difference to almost everything we experience in life; is opposite to those who have already internalized having no control. Is the glass half empty or half full, positive attitude is a choice.

Being proactive comes with accepting responsibility and accountability for the effects that manifest in our lives; when we have the strength of character to admit it when we make mistakes (even big ones); when we are completely free to exercise the options available to us in every situation; that way job seekers can start steering their own destiny `


Part two to follow

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