7 Tips For Job Seekers- Part 2

This  is the seventh post of Christmas for job seekers, offering job tips for job seekers.  The previous posts discussed Finding a job through Personal branding for job seekersusing  personal branding  for job search , using LinkedIn for job search,  networking for job seekers, resume for job seekers, and 7 tips for job seekers – Part 1.

Tips for job seekersOn my seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Tip 2 – Begin with the End in Mind

People in certain cultures like the U.S. culture define themselves by the degree of success they achieve either at work, or the house they own or the car they drive.  So when they lose their jobs they feel humiliated or feel that they lost their identity forgetting that they make the job and that the job doesn’t make them.


When job seekers start visualizing themselves where they want to be and how they will be in their new job they can start planning to get there   The “end” they begin to think about represents the purpose of their life and where the job will fit.   It is the general purpose of your life what does it mean to you, that you have control on how to maneuver your life and switch gears whenever needed to bring you the greatest satisfaction.

There are no short-cuts here.   We need to visualize what will become of our dream, define our vision and set the path to reach it to happen.  Until we have defined our vision – the big dream to which we will be working – we will be unable to reach it – we need to know where we want to go so defining what job you are seeking, in which industry, and name few companies in a list then you can start moving to execute your plan.  This habit provides a basic framework for us to re-align your efforts so that we will ultimately achieve our heart’s desire.

 Tip 3 – First Things First


This habit is about managing your time effectively.  Consider the simple urgent/ important, which plots the concepts of urgency and importance against each other; and represents where you are spending your time.

Developing a detailed time based strategy — and sticking to it becomes crucial to avoid anger and frustration.  The job-search must be balanced to take advantage of all potential opportunities. Focusing too much time in one area, such as job-hunting online, or trying for any job without specification will be just a waste of time.  First things to think assess where you are in your career if you lack the necessary experience to move into a new job, so find the time to volunteer or find internships or even part time jobs; if you do not have a big network chart time for networking either online or offline to increase your contact list that might help you find a job; or you may find you are lacking some skills, certifications, or education you need as minimum requirements to get hired — or even to get job interviews. So you will need to plan for time to take a course online or offline, get training, or certifications you need. Don’t be discouraged if you need additional education — regardless or your age or situation. There are many non expensive education resources like the one stop job centers or local community colleges.

Prioritize your projects, divide them to small goals, have a daily to do list, use a calendar or a journal and reward yourself when you finish part of your plan.


Tip 4 – Think Win Win


Think Win-Win is another mind attitude, it is about believing that when we think positively and foster an attitude that is committed to always finding solutions or remedies that will truly benefit both sides in any case.


Solutions do not, of course, exist in themselves; they must be created.  Even if we can’t visualize the solution at the moment, it does not mean that it doesn’t exist.

Start by developing a list of your key accomplishments, skills sets, talents, and abilities as discussed in the previous posts about self branding.  Focus on your best accomplishments, advantages and solutions that you can bring to a company and quantify them.  Think how your transferable skills, experience and talents can be a win for an employer, and a job can be a win for you.  Prepare your elevator speech, USP, and interviewing techniques.


The more you practice this habit, the more committed you will become as you find solutions which truly do benefit you and the other party.


Tomorrow is our last post of the season, if you liked any of the posts please let us know

Cheers, and best of luck

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