7 Tips For Job seekers – Part 3

Job seekers tipsThis  is the final post of Christmas for job seekers, offering job tips for job seekers.  The previous posts discussed Finding a job through Personal branding for job seekersusing  personal branding  for job search , using LinkedIn for job search,  networking for job seekersresume for job seekers,  7 tips for job seekers – Part 1, 7 tips for job seekers – Part 2.


Habit 5 – Seek First to Understand
then be Understood

Concentrate on what the hiring managers and recruiters are looking for in their candidates not what you think you understand what they need.

Human nature migrates towards the desire of being understood, so all our actions, thoughts and words try to convey our message so others can understand where we are coming from, as a result we spend most of our energy wasting time.

This habit is an important key that puts different dynamics to the conversation that should exist between job seekers and hiring managers and recruiters.  Try to get to the bottom of the qualifications they are looking for which will affect your chances to get called in for an interview and hopefully ace the interview and get the job.

By sincerely spending the time and effort to understand the prospective employer’s position, they become more open, more understandable, reachable, and more interested in what you may have to offer.


Habit 6 – Synergize

Synergy means: the interaction or cooperation of two or more people, organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.  It means putting two heads or more together to brainstorm and come up with better and broader creative solutions that will be win-win.

It can only be done successfully if you have first practiced habits 4 and 5. The well-known definition of synergy is as follows:  It is “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”.

Win- win solutions can be reached only if we understand the other party position, if we believe that we can change a bad situation to a better one, if we visualize where we want to go.  It is like a pyramid or like a domino effect once triggered properly everything falls in the proper place.  It is the sequence of events that start by applying and executing the habits properly; synergetic solutions will be an inevitable natural product of your efforts.



Habit 7 – Sharpen the Saw

The last habit of the 7 Habits is – Sharpen the Saw. In this habit, you are the saw; and to Sharpen the Saw is to always be at your best game, find ways to sharpen your skills, increase your knowledge, become better, keener and more effective.

Always take the time to Sharpen your Saw. What is meant by Sharpening the Saw is to regularly engage in the exercise of the three dimensions which make up the human condition: body, mind and spirit.

Because of the nature of job-hunting, you will face ups and downs and sometimes even some potholes, but by trying to stick to the positive attitudes on the 7 habits you may also find some great corners and crossroads that you have never expected.

Take the time to breathe in, look at the silver lining because it always gets better no matter how long it takes, the sun always rises after a long night; just be prepared to change your attitude and do adjustments on the way.  Celebrate your progress, rest when you need then jump back on the wagon.

Always remember that your next interview might be starting now, so always be on your best tip top shape mentally and physically.


Best of luck in your job search


Thank you Santa for the jobs you brought throughout 2011- We need a lot more jobs in 2012 and please start very early-like right after you rest from New Year’s Eve,

Happy New Year

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