Eight LinkedIn mistakes to avoid

LinkedIn is the only professional B2B networking site that exists today, with more than 165 Million users worldwide.  I have been for six years on LinkedIn; the core of my business is generated through LinkedIn.

I am one of the daily users of the Q&A LinkedIn forum; after seeing the same questions in the “Using LinkedIn” category asked few times every single day; I decided to write about them so they could help the new LinkedIn users

1-    Avoid creating duplicate accounts:  LinkedIn allows users only ONE personal profile.  A very common mistake that new LinkedIn members do is creating duplicate profiles without even realizing that they did that.

The results is the dilution of your brand and scattering of contacts and information over two or three profiles

The solution is simple: Make sure to add all your email addresses on your profile, including your business profile.  Make your primary email address a personal one in case you leave or change jobs.

You will also need to delete your duplicate profile and keep only one profile.

2-    Importing email address book: After new members sign up to LinkedIn, LinkedIn suggest that they import their email address books contacts to add as connections on LinkedIn.

This can be very tricky as in fine prints LinkedIn by defaults invite every single person in your address book, and then sends two invite reminders.  This can have a couple of negative repercussions

a-    The people that are invited get annoyed

b-    Some might even IDK (I Don’t Know) you; five of these will restrict your LinkedIn account.

c-     The only solution is to manually and individually withdraw, NOT delete these invites one by one and that might be very strenuous and time consuming

3-    Web Resources: LinkedIn allows you to add three web resources to your profile.  Many members just leave the generic “My website” or “My blog”.  It is highly suggested that you customize your web resources not only it does increase SEO to your sites but also help increase traffic to your sites as intended.

4-    Personal profile VS. Business profile: Many new LinkedIn users add their business name as their profile name.  This is against LinkedIn Terms of Service (ToS).  All LinkedIn profiles have to be personal with a first and last name.  If not LinkedIn can and will suspend the account.

Members can always add a company page based on their personal profiles as long as they have an email address on their domain name.

5-    Professional photo: Only a professional headshot is allowed as a profile photo.  There are some guidelines for the photo used.  Logos, QR codes, Family pictures, Pet pictures, or any other form of pictures are against LinkedIn Terms of Service (ToS) and the account can and will be suspended if found or flagged.  If LinkedIn removes your photo three times you will not be able to add any photos ever on your profile

6-    Vanity profile URL: It is important to customize or personalize the generic profile URK or link that LinkedIn assigns to your profile not only it eases the search for your name but also increases SEO as well.

7-    Not optimizing profiles: Using the proper keywords are a MUST to be found on LinkedIn and on the internet as a whole.  Placing the right keywords is the difference between having a LinkedIn profile and having a great LinkedIn profile.  There are five places to add your keywords on a LinkedIn profile:

a-    Tagline or the line under your profile name that acts as your brand message or USP

b-    Present job titles

c-     Past job titles

d-    Summary

e-    Skills

8-    Adding website or email address in the tagline: It is against LinkedIn Terms of Service to add your website address or email address in the tagline and your profile can be suspended.

Also adding LION or linking yourself to LinkedIn in any overt or covert way can get your profile suspended as well.

These are common missteps new LinkedIn users usually do, this blog is also a part of my upcoming social media eBook series; so stay tuned.


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2 thoughts on “Eight LinkedIn mistakes to avoid

    • I think that books will always be important for something growing as fast as social media that is ever changing I do not believe that books can keep up. Basics of Social Media will remain the same though. This is what people forget SM is about building relationships and has to be based on marketing
      Thank you for your comments

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