New LinkedIn Contacts Application

Among all the new applications released by LinkedIn positioned to keep its members as long as they can on the site (Now I can see how they will do it), LinkedIn released The “Contacts Application” on April 25, 2013.

Though there is a lot of buzz about other new features on LinkedIn like “advanced search and mentions”, I decided to blog about them when I get these features as I like to blog about firsthand experience always

The “LinkedIn Contacts” application is both a mobile and web solution to build, nurture and maintain relationships which are the core principle around which LinkedIn is built on, though many do not use LinkedIn thinking about that and they miss the best part of LinkedIn.  The service is based on technology from Connected, a content management startup LinkedIn acquired end of 2011.

Have you ever wished for a personal assistant who reminds you when your colleagues are celebrating new jobs or birthdays? Or have you wanted to quickly pull up the last conversations you had with people before you head out to meet them” said Sachin Rekhi on the LinkedIn Blog.

LinkedIn realized that their members were missing a tool to network properly with their contacts to keep track with their contacts’ updates, news, the last time they connected, when they first connected or even when to wish them Happy Birthday like on Facebook.

LinkedIn started with LinkedIn updates, but drove it home in a personal manner with the LinkedIn Contacts application.

The new tool integrates your email platforms (Gmail, yahoo, Outlook), your mobile address book, and calendar creating a ONE stop where you can see when was the last time you were in contact with another member or exchanged messages. (As seen in the screen shot below). Image

The application will also show calendar entries from your own calendar as well as calendar entries involving our contacts when you bring their profiles up as seen in the screen shot above between the two white {parenthesis} at the top of the shot

The application will help you keep in touch with your contacts,

  • Will remind you if you have not contacted a connection for a while and will suggest that you drop them a note
  • Can remind you of your contacts’ Birthdays
  • Notify you when your contact changes a job
  • Set reminders at specific times to stay in touch
  • Suggest who to reach to in different cities if you are planning a trip (Courtesy of Tripit Application)
  • Will create a form of note to the local members in different cities you are visiting ready to be sent



So far it is only an invite only service; you can join the waiting list by clicking on and only for the United States members.  It is being rolled out slowly to all members worldwide.

So far it is a web and an iPhone application, LinkedIn is working on an android version

Get yourself on the waiting list, get the application, start working with it, it is a lot of fun and will increase the value of your relationship to others.

More news coming soon!


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