New LinkedIn “Mention” Feature

It is here! I am able to MENTION my connections in my status updates.  What does that mean?

Few weeks ago, LinkedIn added another great application beside the “Contact” App, it is the ability to mention your connections as you can do on Facebook and @ mention/ reply your contacts on Twitter.

The application is being rolled out as we speak to all English speaking members first.  I remember I requested it to be added the beginning of April from LinkedIn customer service and has been active since last night yay!

So did I say that I am a LinkedIn fan and has always been since 2006? May be not enough.

Now, let us dig a bit in the mentions application now that I have used it firsthand I can share a real experience with you, let us also explore why we should care about it

You can now mention other LinkedIn members or companies in status updates, likes, and comments and that will generate an instant notification sent to that user or company’s profile as it happens on Facebook and the mentions/ Interactions on Twitter.

All what you have to do on LinkedIn, is simply start typing the name of the LinkedIn connection or company in the status update field; a drop-down menu with matches will appear with matching names, you click on the chosen name and once you post, not only other names will be a clickable link that will take others to their profiles/ pages but also that user or company will see your status update appear in their notifications list.

Now this added to the “Contacts” application will make it easier to build and nurture relationships on LinkedIn and will keep the LinkedIn members engaged longer n the site which is the main focus of LinkedIn.  It will enable you and your contacts to respond in real-time when someone starts a conversation which brings LinkedIn to web 2.0 of two way real time conversation (Thank God for little favors that LinkedIn does not have instant messaging)

The Mention capability will extend to mention others LinkedIn members that are not a first degree connection as long as they are part of the same comments/ discussion; I personally haven’t seen this yet so will keep you posted.

LinkedIn is also working to expand it to all over the world, expand it beyond the status updates and homepage comments

Why should you care? Because all these new additions will help increase your online visibility and increases your digital footprint since Google loves LinkedIn and ranks LinkedIn profiles/ discussions higher than anything else I have seen.

When you use the mention and contacts application while engaging better your contacts make sure that:

  • You are thinking about your keywords since they can help rank you and better your SEO
  • Always keep in mind that LinkedIn is a professional network and it is not Facebook so keep your posts/mentions/ presentations. Videos on the professional up and up
  • Your conversations/ comments and mentions are public so keep that in mind.  So if you are looking for a job while still in your position I would be careful.
  • I would also watch anything that can remotely look like spamming, self-advertising or inappropriate content
  • As anything else as the Hashtags (#) on Twitter do not over use them

This is a screen shot of when I tried to mention my friend “Mary Lascelles” or Relo Mary as we know her on LinkedIn.  One thing I also noticed you need to start typing the name with a Capital letter if not it doesn’t work the same way


An awesome feature on the mentions also is that mentions of individuals’ names will automatically translate to their Twitter names within Twitter when you chose the broadcast of your status updates on both LinkedIn ad Twitter


As soon as I get the Advanced Search feature I will blog about it as well after I try it.

So did I say yet that I was a LinkedIn Fan? See you next time

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Diversity, Inclusion Consultant- Social Media Strategist
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