4 Reasons to increase your network on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Network ContactsIn the last two weeks I came across some bloggers blogging about LinkedIn on credible sites that I found disturbing as some of the information was ether missing or plain wrong.

First, let me say this I am not narcissistic or think that I know better than others. I just believe that sharing my knowledge means giving the reader all the tools, the pros and cons and let them decide what can or will not work for them; instead of imposing my opinion of what I think right or wrong.

One of the main contentions of LinkedIn networking is the eternal question should I add people that I do not know to my network or not; which also has been my differing point of view with some bloggers or article writers.

So I decided to write this blog sharing all the pros and cons so you the business owner, sales person, marketing person or job seeker can take a well-studied decision.

There are three schools when it comes to LinkedIn networking and adding contacts:

1-    Conservative: Where you add ONLY the people that you know, dealt with in real life or  on LinkedIn

2-    Moderate: Though you do not accept every single invitation but you accept most depending on factors you decide as number of connections, location, industry etc…

3-    LION: or LinkedIn Open Networker: Where you accept every single invitation and do no turn away anyone

To decide which school you want to follow you need to decide first what are you using LinkedIn for and how you are using it.

What does that mean?

It has been said that your netWORH on LinkedIn is your netWORK, the threshold of connections is the number 500 contacts as beyond that LinkedIn will show the number 500+ for connections, some argue that the threshold on contacts on LinkedIn is 50 but that is incorrect the number 50 contacts is only a threshold to consider your profile as part of being 100% complete by LinkedIn website criteria.

  1. The power of LinkedIn lies in your network meaning your 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree connections as well as the groups you share with others, meaning the more contacts you have in your network – the more visible you become to more people simple mathematics.
  2. A great tool that is underused on LinkedIn is SIGNAL allowing you to communicate real time with others whom post news or advertise for jobs so if you are a sales or marketing person you can communicate instantly with prospects, and if you are a job seeker you can communicate instantly with recruiters or hiring managers giving you a lead advantage in time that can mean you getting hired faster.  BUT, Signal is not efficient if you do not have a big network where you can see up to your 3rd degree contacts posts.
  3. You will not appear in LinkedIn searches, at least not on the first page when prospects or recruiters look for your talents, skills, titles or industry, unless you have a big network. If you do not appear on the first age of LinkedIn searches or at least the second page you do not exist for the searcher (This also has to do with you optimizing your profile with the proper keywords which we are not discussing in this post)
  4. The bigger your network the more canvas you will have to find people or get introduced to people within your network which might make the difference between getting your dream job or the best contract of your life or not

The downfall on trying to connect with many people at once is that LinkedIn has a limit of five (5) IDKs or (I Do not Know) responses from people that can respond to your invitation to connect with IDK, LinkedIn will restrict your account where you can’t invite anyone else without having their email address – this can be easily corrected by contacting LinkedIn customer service.

So this is my suggestion, Look at the person inviting you to connect how many contacts they have (you will be able to see 500+ or less only), what industry they are in, geographical location then decide if you want to connect

You might receive invites from people that are not in your network, that you do not know so you can’t look at their profile before connecting.  You can connect look at their profile then if you do not like what you see you can always disconnect them (They will not be notified that you disconnected them)

I am with increasing chances then limiting my horizons

These are all the pros and cons that I can think of so you can make up your mind on your own – I am totally against imposing my opinion or point of view.

I hope this will help you if you have any questions for me please let me know I will be delighted to help you out

Disclaimer: I respect all other views be conservatives or LION – whatever float your boat


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