Zimmerman vs. Martin: Racial Profiling?

Zimmerman case s it Racism?

Zimmerman vs Trayvon: Racial Profiling?

Is the Zimmerman case purely a racial case? It definitely has a racial factor but is the verdict  based on racism? The fact is that some are trying to manipulate the case based on their bias either whites or blacks or Hispanics or trying to get some attention without really addressing the real racial factor in this case.

What I always say is that we all have our own blind bias no matter how open minded we are, even myself I pride myself on being inclusive and accepting but when the case started I focused on the race factor of the case then had to re-adjust the way I am thinking about it to understand why the jury acquitted Zimmerman.

Let’ s clear something first, do I agree with the result of the trail absolutely not, I believe Zimmerman committed manslaughter may be not 2nd degree murder but definitely manslaughter for God’s sake there is a dead child, a person that will never know how does it feel to graduate, go to prom or have children

Was justice done? Per the laws and the justice system, that make this country the best on the world. the jury did what was asked from them, and I do not think that their decision was racist. 

The ball was dropped by the prosecution, let me even go a bit farther the ball was actually dropped by the police that never really investigated the incident when it happened and as a result we will never know what happened that night ever!

Between the only two people that really know the truth, Trayvon and Zimmerman one is dead and the other didn’t take the witness stand.  

I have to admit that the whole case started by racial profiling and stereotyping either because of  Trayvon color or because of the hoodie that some see as a symbol of gangs or blacks.  Zimmerman called Trayvon “punk”. 

What happened after that is a mystery, what we know is that the 911 operator ordered Zimmerman to stand down and wait for the police to arrive but he chose not to and that decision cost a young man/ child his life

Did Trayvon attack Zimmerman, to defend himself? Travon was bigger and taller and I envision that if there was any physical contact Trayvon would have had Zimmerman on the floor and on top of him- isn’t that part of stand your ground to defend yourself when you fear for your life? Why the double standards.

Only he didn’t have the gun, Zimmerman did, so my question is if during the fight Trayvon had found the gun, took possession of it and shot Zimmerman would he have been acquitted as self-defense- if the answer is YES then justice did happen in the trial, and there was no racial factor there, but if the answer is NO (we kind of know that he wouldn’t have been acquitted) then justice didn’t prevail.

So does race has to do anything with the case, Racism is wrong in any shape or form, the worst form of racism when it has hidden agendas, Racism is not specific to a certain race, and racism can be found in any race white, black, brown or any color.

This case gave every racist person, no matter what their background is, a platform to vent their ignorance – some people became experts overnight in diversity, race and law.

I have seen and heard the worst racist expressions:

“Trayvon caused his own death by his own actions”

“Trayvon wasn’t the innocent kid that the media is showing but he was a full grown man that beat up a smaller man”

So was it a racial profiling case? The judge made sure race was downplayed during the trial. She ruled that the prosecution could accuse Zimmerman of “profiling” Martin, but not “racially” profiling him. (Politico story 07/2013)

What it comes down to is that prosecution failed to prove Zimmerman guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, neither found him guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter, which they might have done had prosecutors concentrated on that charge in the first place.

I can’t help but think that if Zimmerman didn’t play wanna be cop that night, if he had listened to the 911 operator, if he had stayed in his truck, if he didn’t follow Trayvon, if he didn’t profile Trayvon because he had a hoodie on, and let us face it because he was black what would have happened? Would Trayvon be alive today?

All that is speculation though and is not admissible in courts that is why Zimmerman was acquitted with no repercussion whatsoever.

It pains my heart every time I think about Trayvon, every time I think about his parents, about the senseless loss of life because we still have racism even if on the surface we do not; having a black President doesn’t mean that Racism doesn’t exist anymore– my post is emotional and may be even bias ; I am a human being, my throat constricts every time I think about it, my heart skips a beat when I remember that a young life has been lost for nothing and what hurts me the most is that some people think that he caused his own death no compassion whatsoever.

The bottom line is that a boy, on the cusp of manhood, is dead; his only crime is: wearing a hoodie, craving skittles and soda.

I believe that to every tragedy a sunny side exists, so maybe it is time that we fight to repeal “Stand your ground” laws, to have more gun control, to unite, to protect other youth and let the incident be an educational platform. We will only be considered civil human beings when we overcome racism and when we have compassion and empathy for people even that are different from us, even when we do not agree with them, and to remember that violence will not bring Trayvon back ad actually hurts his legacy.

Hopefully I will see that one day.  I would love to hear your comments, I would ask you to be respectful even if you do not agree with me, there has been some very ugly exchanges on the internet the past few days 


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