Why the 5 new LinkedIn changes are good for Branding?

LinkedInLinkedIn has undergone a lot of changes in the last few weeks so I thought to aggregate these changes in case you missed any as most are crucial to your branding and content marketing if you are a small business, job seeker or even a marketing professional for any organization.  The post will be short and to the point I will point you to resources on LinkedIn to get more information about each change.

There is no denying that LinkedIn is by far the most important and powerful tools for business and branding either personal or professional, it does reach more than 300 million professionals worldwide, half of this number reside in the United States.

It is the ONLY professional network to date, hands down no competition.

If you are not using it to the maximum you really should start familiarizing yourself on how to leverage the power of LinkedIn.  You can also check:

Here are the changes

1-    LinkedIn publishing platform: LinkedIn started rolling out in February the ability to publish what they call “Long posts publishing” on their own platform.  Not all members can post on it yet, as they have been extending the invitation gradually.  However, you can send their customer service an email requesting the possibility to be granted access to the platform.  I can’t stress enough how important it is take advantage of this tool, not only does it help you reach a massive audience, but it also cements your expertise and helps give you that credibility and authority as an SME (Subject Matter Expert) that is comparable to none, you can build a following, brand yourself, and influence people.

This is how you can request an early authorization to use the platform:


For further information, you can read the LinkedIn blog at:



2-    “Who viewed your profile” section: Make over: LinkedIn named it “How you rank for profile views” – there are 2 tabs on top of who viewed your profile page- the left tab is the “Who viewed your profile” that got dressed up to show more detailed analytics about who checked you out, including the industries they work in and their job titles

The tab to the right is the new addition, it shows how your profile views stack up against your co-workers and connections.

LinkedIn shows your rank (visible ONLY to you, no one else can see it) among your connections at the top (In percentage and in numerical rank) as well as if your ranking has gone up or down in the last week.  The toll is meant to help you improve your profile so you could appear in searches better hence improve your brand in becoming visible and searchable for people looking for you, your industry, services or products your offer, or skills you possess.

LinkedIn also offers custom recommendations in the right-hand side of the page to help you increase your profile views and improve your searchability. The recommendations could be to change or update your summary or follow certain members, companies, or even joining groups.  You can opt out of this feature through your “Privacy and settings”.

Check this LinkedIn blog for more information


LinkedIn new changes for branding

3-    Job Listings Aggregation: To increase its own proposition value LinkedIn is adding a new feature as a job aggregator from U.S. employers calling them “Limited Listings” that will appear ONLY to active candidates.  LinkedIn will double its total job listings to about 700,000 with this new feature. The jobs will be aggregated from bit career sites and from ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) from employers.

The advantage that LinkedIn will offer is that the job listings will not be duplicated in case the employer is paying for ads in more than one site as it currently happens in other career sites like indeed, or simplyhired.

More information on LinkedIn blog:



4-    Upgrading LinkedIn search engine (Galene): LinkedIn is upgrading its search engine (Galene), expected to be easier and faster to use. It is designed to improve search results, to get better tailored results that are more personalized, so two members looking for the same search will not get the same results which will depend on the information on their profiles.

More information on the LinkedIn Blog:



5-    Premium Services: Too many changes are happening for the premium members (It is expected that these changes will be rolled out to all members in the next few months)

  • LinkedIn has announced a new $7.99-a-month plan called Spotlight. Its other plans begin at $23.99 a month.
  • Bigger pictures, with custom background images and expanded headers making profiles appear larger meant to make these profiles stand out
  • Profiles will appear in searches with more detailed information from their profile, and will show up in more searches
  • Suggested keywords for profile optimization and increase searchability
  • Option to option to have the full profile viewable by everyone on LinkedIn even the ones not connected to
  • 90 day full list of profile visitors in the “Who viewed your profile, and How you rank” tabs

More information on the LinkedIn blog:



Hopefully this post will help you navigate LinkedIn easier.  LinkedIn is my favorite networking site- please share your comments, if you have any questions please reach me directly at sahar@saharconsulting.com

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