What is your Definition of Success?

How to OWN success and not be owned by it?

“Own YOUR Success – Do NOT be owned by it”

Success…What is your definition of success?

I always ask the participants in my training about their definition of success, I still get amazed by some of the answers I get.

We all want to achieve success, in reality each of us has a different meaning of success that we need to understand before setting our goals designed to make us happy

For some, it is the career achievement, for some it is being the first member of the family to finish college, for some it is buying a house, or it is executing the business idea they always had, for others it is having a family and the list goes on.

Personally, at different stages of my life success meant different things, now what it means to me is having a great family, cherish my husband, love my dogs, live in the house I love, drive the car I want and have more business that I can wish for to have the financial stability for now and the future while being in peace with myself and maintaining as much as possible the elusive work-life balance. Is that too much to ask?

I have to admit that when I started the business, success for me was to grow the business fast so I put 18 hours/day – 7 days a week sacrificing a lot. It created a lot of issues at home and within the family I was blinded by it, and couldn’t see anything except the business success. I consider myself lucky that in due time I turned the process around and made the shift that kept my family together and came back to the roots of my non-negotiable values which top item is family.

I see and coach a lot of career minded people or business owners that will give away anything just to be successful, their definition of success becomes tight to their title, position, how much they make, where do they live, what car they drive and how much is their bank balance. They become defined by all the exterior superficial factors (though important shouldn’t be the only measure of success) that our current society looks at as a sign of success

I have met some people that are extremely successful professionally or in their business that are miserable or at least not content or satisfied inside as they based everything on the external factors wrongly relating status with happiness.

Hence this post, success is great we all should work towards success and own it being careful not to be owned by our success and there is a huge difference

Most people that get consumed by success or by their search of success become unhappy, obsessed and unlikely to be happy and satisfied by what they have. As soon as they reach a goal they go for the next one, then the next one and so on.

We make choices in life based on our priorities so before embarking on our success adventure we need to make conscious choices to know what means the most to us and not get swayed by what others or what society deems as success. Basically owning our success and not become slaves to it

We feel that the more successful we are the more we get to live the way we want, afford to buy and own things, spend our time the way we want in summary be free to do whatever we want to do- simple right? Is it ever that simple?

It is so easy to fall hostage to our success

These are 11 tips to own our success and not be owned by it

  1. The starting point is to know your own definition of success by being honest with yourself, not through someone else interpretation of success, not through what society considers success rather what it means to you personally
  2. Have a purpose: Know why you are doing what you are doing, what is the reason you are going through all that effort and commitment – without knowing where you are going you will never reach any destination, and you will be going in circles
  3. Goal settings: Establishing what we want to achieve, dividing the big goals to smaller ones. Visualizing what success not only looks like but also feels like. Start with the end in mind (Steven Covey) and keep focusing on the end goal and celebrating small wins
  4. Priorities: The priorities are not only about goal setting but also priorities that we value most in life: our family, our children, our education, our career, our homes, happiness, helping others, inner peace.
  5. Find your work life balance: All work no fun is stressful, stress creates tension, and tension creates anxiety that can create unhappiness. It is important to have hobbies, to do fun things, spend time with your loved ones etc…It will never be a 50/50 but at least have some balance in our lives
  6. Support system: Surround ourselves with people that have the same values as we do, as well as surrounding ourselves with people that genuinely care about us and love us that can also hold us accountable for our actions
  7. Gratitude: Be grateful to everything we have, and everything that happens to us good and bad, appreciate the lessons we learn from failures as well from success and be grateful for the people that support us throughout our journey
  8. Know how to appreciate what you have: Appreciating what we have, people around us is the second step after being grateful. Letting people we cherish know how much we appreciate them and why; is crucial to our relationships that are the essence of life. Stop and smell the roses
  9. Know when enough is enough: Amassing the treasures of the world is not necessarily a success story or a formula for happiness. We each have different levels to “what is enough is enough” knowing then when it comes to family and love “Enough is never enough”
  10. Reach out to others, offer a helping hand, volunteer, mentor, coach, help someone out of a bad situation, give money… Have a giving attitude, give, give, give then give some more without expecting anything in return creates inner satisfaction and happiness
  11. Have empathy and be kind not only to others but to yourself first and foremost

In conclusion, the more freedom I have, the more I spend my time as I want and feel like; the more successful I feel.

It is very easy to lose ourselves in achieving success, where every step takes us deeper where we can forget to go back to the shore to enjoy the beauty around us.

OWN your success and wear it with pride; do not become owned by your success. Ask yourself what does success mean to you, there are no right or wrong answers, it is personal you just need to be honest with yourself.

Let me know if you have any more tips to add to these 11 points

Let OUR differences make a difference in the world

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