Sahar Andrade Company’s Info: Sahar Consulting, LC

Sahar Consulting, LLC.” is a ” California State Certified Small Business” Diversity, Leadership and Global Marketing consulting business firm in Los Angeles, CA, with a special niche in Social Media.









We showcase the importance of diversity and culture competence in planning marketing campaigns either in traditional or social media marketing.   Our services have helped many companies and organization, get that edge to perform better than their competition by intertwining Diversity and Marketing.  Unless marketing is catered to the right people it will fall on deaf ears.  We have dozens of examples of cross-cultural mistakes done by major international companies that have cost them millions of dollars in losses.


The more an organization can sell their products or services to a bigger diverse customer base, the more profitable they are in generating more revenues.


Our services help your organization build on their number one asset:  The Employees, with a focus on their engagement, inclusion and Active leadership organizational Growth; aligning their vision, mission and values with those of the organization thus creating a reckoning productive force.


Investing in your employees’ development creates a workforce performing to their maximum capacity, more creative solutions, fewer errors, better leadership and decision making. Our D.I.A.L.O.G.™Training programs promote Exchanging Ideas Through Conversation in a safe environment, by asking questions, and exploring new ideas, that allows cooperation, additional growth and development.


We link your diversity initiatives to your organization’s strategic goals, we understand the fundamentals and impact of diversity on the work environment internally and externally, we will challenge your workforce transitioning them gently out of their comfort zone to a more productive and efficient zone

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